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Dental Zirconia Sintering Furnace High Temperatur?e ceramic furnace For Dentist (We can also do OEM)

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SF300 Zirconia sintering equipment which is designed for modern oral denture restoration by sintering zirconia.
It can satisfy zirconia sintering of different technical parameters now on the market. Because this equipment belongs to precision instrument products with high temperature,
so operator must read safety operation specification carefully, please. Incorrect operation and use will cause damages to products and people and reduce working life of the equipment.
We wish you’ll satisfied with SF-300. Your valuable suggestions are welcomed.

2.Description of Main Parts in the Device

SF-300 mainly consists of following components:
a? control system case base
b? Liquid crystal display and manipulation of the key membrane
c? Ring high temperature refractory furnace(1600? no drop with long time sintering)
d?Silicon molybdenum heating wire (6 molybdenum wires placed in furnace chamber)
e?Intelligent elevator sintering furnace units)
f?high- temperature refractory sintering box
g?sintering box security platform implantation (Attention: it needs to place in center to avoid damage furnace chamber or heating wire)
h?power module
i?control motherboard
j?lifting system
k?cooling fan
l?protective general power switch
m?general power cable
n?chamber chassis shell
o?upgrade data cable pot

3.Technical Parameter

External Dimension
Equipment: 390mm*470mm*1020mm
Packing: 540mm*620mm*1240mm

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