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Dexcowin Portable Dental X-Ray ADX-4000

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Dexcowin Portable Dental X-Ray ADX-4000

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The ADX-4000 is truly a unique work of art because there is nothing in the world that compares to this product. It has various capabilities and is only 6.6 lbs.
1. It is an x-ray source.
2. It comes with an attachable sensor.
3. It allows live capture and view with its 4.8-inch screen
4. The screen can also view and take images with an intraoral camera.
5. The images from the x-ray and the intraoral camera are automatically and wirelessly transferred to your PC whether Wi-Fi connection is available or not.


Convenient because it is cordless (removal battery-powered)
Great reduction of x-ray exposure— up to 1/7 greater than that of the existing x-ray systems
Adopting high-frequency circuit of inverter type
More than 300 exposures are possible with one time charging
More compact in size and lighter in weight than the existing portable dental x-ray
Images are displayed in real time with its 4.8-inch TFT LCD screen
Image processing and storage, wireless transfer, and better patient management
Uses graphic user interface that enables it to be operated using its touch screen feature and navigation button.


1 Item name: Digital X-RAY radiography device
2 Item classification no: A11080.02
3 Rating: Class II (Korea Food & Drug Administration)
4 Tube voltage: 60kV(Fixed)
5 Tube current: 2mA(Fixed)
6 X-RAY tube focal spot size: 0.8mm
7 Voltage Consumption: 240W Max.
8 Cooling method: OIL Cooling Method
9 Total filtering: Over 1.5mm Al (inherent filtration: 0.8mmAl, fixed type added filter: 0.7mmAl)
10 Target Angle: 20˚
11 Time setting function: 0.05 - 1.35[sec.]
12 Main body size: 240(L) x 166(W) x 82(H) [mm]
13 Main body weight(including battery): 2.4kg

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